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Study in Azerbaijan

Study in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan, bounded by the Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains, is located halfway between Europe and Asia. Renowned for it’s cultural attractions and medieval walled inner city, Baku the capital city is an exquisite destination with several heritage sites including architectural masterpieces Shirvanshah’s Palace and Maiden’s Tower.

Striving for it’s global presence, Azerbaijan is one of the fastest growing economies of Eurasia with a solid education system. Being recorded as the country with the least crime rate, the friendly local community makes it a tranquil destination for international students to adjust.

Why Study in Azerbaijan?

  • Education in Azerbaijan is of high quality yet very affordable. Both tuition and living expenses remain considerably lower than most of the traditional education destinations.
  • An extensive list of University courses are available to international students, which are conducted 100% in English.
  • Minimum entry requirement – O/levels (All passes)
  • No English Language (IELTS/TOEFL) or bank balance requirements
  • 100% Visa guaranteed within 3 days
  • Intakes throughout the year
  • Permitted to work part-time while you study
  • Availability of Dependent Visa


Azerbaijan Medical University

AMU is a scientific center, uniting thousands of students around the world, preparing doctors-professionals, specialists, and scientists. The educational process here is directly related to scientific research, achievements in the field of health. AMU was founded in 1930 on the basis of the medical faculty of the Baku State University.

  • Foundation Course-5 months
  • 6 teaching hospital
  • Approved by AMC, ECFMG-USA, GMC-UK
  • World health organization recognized
  • Licensing Exam-PLAB, MCI, USMLE

West Caspian University

Western Caspian University is a private educational institution based in Baku, Azerbaijan. It has a well-established reputation in the academic sector and provides a good range of departments and study programs for dedicated and goal-oriented

Popular Programs: Bachelor of Computer Engineering, IT & System Engineering

Azerbaijan Oil and Industry University

An academic staff consisting of 606 professors and teachers is presently engaged in education at ASOIU. 63 of them are professors, 355 associate professors, 134 teachers and 54 senior lecturers.
As of 2014/2015 academic year, SABAH groups have been established to improve the quality of teaching at ASOIU, create a new and diverse environment in the higher education system, train educated, skilled and well-prepared students, and provide the staff training according to the increasing demands of the labor market. At present, 333 students study in SABAH groups, while 135 teachers conduct teaching of corresponding disciplines on various specializations using modern methods.

Over 300 international students from Turkey, Russia, China, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Greece, Yemen, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, USA, Great Britain and other countries currently study at ASOIU


Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Technology Oil and Gas Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electric Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geological Engineering, Chemical Technology, Instrument Engineering

Baku Eurasian University

Baku Eurasian University is one of the first higher education institutions contributing preparation of professional staff in the fields of diplomacy and international relations. Taking into account expansion and development of international relations of Azerbaijan in recent years, BAAU actively supports improvement of experts in the appropriate fields. In this context, university cooperates with various international organizations, higher education institutions of several countries, also with the science and education institutions, builds new partnerships, joins programs, takes part in the international conferences and puts forward successful initiatives.

Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University

Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University[1](abbr. ATMU), trained cadres in tourism in Azerbaijan, established under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic Azerbaijan.The professional goals of the university include improvement of the tourism industry, training personnel to meet the needs for qualified personnel in the field of travel and leisure and hospitality.

In 2014, the institute became the university of tourism and management (Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University).

Baku State University

Baku State University is an institution where some of the nation’s first-rated intellects lead 127 academic departments and associative research units concentrating on the country’s substantial issues.
The University became one of the country’s leading institutions since it integrated its education system to the European 3 cycled education system (Bachelor, Master and PhD) in 1993.

All three levels of higher education and staff training are carried out in the University – Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral (PHD) levels, according to the European credit transfer system.

Approximately 20,000 people study at Baku State University every year. The applicants are offered a vast range of courses in the fields of social sciences, humanities and natural sciences. Currently there are 17 faculties which offer 60 specialization degrees for bachelor, 197 specializations for masters and 70 for PHD studies.

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction is a state university located in Baku, Azerbaijan, specializing in civil engineering and architecture. The university was established in 1975 as spin-off from the Azerbaijan Technical University, named Azerbaijan Civil Engineering Institute. 

Khazar University

Khazar University is a private educational institution for undergraduate, graduate and professional studies promoting advanced study and research, educational policy and development in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Khazar University is the first University in Azerbaijan composed of multiple independent schools united by the same academic policy and principles, which offer a wide scope of diverse majors in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Architecture, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Economics, Management and Business Administration, Education.

Khazar also one of the leading universities in Azerbaijan in terms of its relations with industry. Today the University has established effective relations with the leading local and international companies.
Professors of Khazar have earned recognition and leadership in their professional fields or are business leaders, artists and lawyers with national and international reputations.

Graduate studies including Professional, Ph.D., Master programs and the most extensive MBA program in Azerbaijan have an important place in the University’s education profile.

Azerbaijan State Economic University

The University is the fundamental educational center teaching the science of economics in the region; Teaching process and training of personnel is in conformity with the American and European educational system; Specialties on Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels are taught in Azerbaijani, English, Russian and in Turkish languages; The central point of auditorium is  student; Student can graduate the university with 2 or more specialties (dual major); Students have opportunities to participate in different exchange programs; There are total 33 chairs on 9 departments; and staff of the University consists of 403 professors and  Doctors of Philosophy.

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