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Study in Germany

Study in Germany

Germany has been one of the most favourite study destination for many international students, as everyone knows Germany has a welcoming environment with higher education entities. There are approximately 260,000 international students experiencing the multi-cultural spiritual environment. There is a large number of international students with the option of studying in German language due to the capacity of popular English study program at German Universities are limited.

High Quality State Funded German Universities

EURASIA Institute

The EURASIA Institute is a provider of university pathway programmes for German university entrance and is a part of the Klett Group, one of Europe’s largest providers of educational services. The Institute offers tailor-made school curricula for German Language Education, Fast-Track University preparation courses for students, exam preparation and certification as well as placement for undergraduates and postgraduates in all degree programmes. Over 12000 students from 60 countries have found their way to enter into German higher education through a EURASIA pathway.

The entry Requirement is 3C’s and above for advance Level

Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau is situated at the city of Wildau. The southern border of the capital of Germany, Berlin. At TUAS Wildau, studying takes place within a campus environment that transcends institutional and international boundaries and encourages students to address new challenges in innovative approaches. Students have the chance for learning in a dynamic way by attracting the best for their future professional opportunities.

The Entry requirement is 3S Passes and above for advance level.

Cologne Business School

CBS is ranked as Germany’s best private university in the field of business studies. CBS Cologne Business School was one of the first schools in Germany to introduce a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. CBS` programs also include lectures in the field of intercultural competences and social skills. In its Bachelor-, Master- and MBA-Programs, CBS educates multinational students in a practical-oriented and cross-cultural manner. Around 30% of CBS’s students are international students and 40% of the students are women.

The Entry Requirement is 3S passes and above for Advance Level.

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